Kit match for my girl

Hi, I was wondering if any one could help with some kit match ideas. My little girl has been begging me to make a baby of her ever since she saw my portrait baby of myself. Her birthday is in November so I got thinking maybe I could make her one for then. Any suggestions? I can find more photos if

necessary. The third one is of her at 1 year old the others are between 2 days and 2 weeks old, so very much newborn. She was quite a big baby, weighing 8lb15 but I’m open to size if the kit looks right overall.


A few more photos to show a little more character. Hope these help, she’s between 1-4 months in these.



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This pic reminds me of will Scholl :kiss:

She is so cute! I think June Awake looks a lot like her!

ETA picture:


June’s looking good so far, although I do like Will Scholl too, thanks. Now the trouble I have is finding a stockist of June awake in the UK, I’ve found June sleeping :thinking: but I think I prefer the awake version for a match. Is she quite new out? If so I may be able to find a supplier in the future. Thank you all.

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She is not released yet


Ha ha, that will be why I can’t find her then, thank you :blush:


Possibly Zuri

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Yes Zuri has crossed my mind too, she has the fuller cheeks like my daughter had, thank you.

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