Kit match for BB kits please

I got a custom order for a baby girl- Mom wants a Realborn kit- Can anyone please help me match this baby?

part0 2
part0 3


Asher for this pic


Oh that’s great!

3rd pic reminds me of Sansa or Sabrina Rose both by Ping Lau. Not BB though.

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Unfortunately - I can only choose a BB kit :frowning:

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New Martin? Hold on, let me send up the batsignal @jlesser


Realborn Christopher for the 1st pic.

OMG I can’t believe how many kits are out of stock - understandably buy wow

ALL the new realborns say out of stock until they release. They could possibly have the kits in stock but not released yet

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I would say Martin when he is out or Jaycee.

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Asher was my first immediate thought.

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Thank all of you!!

Asher is long sold out and may cost more than a regular BB kit if you find one

The last pic reminds me of Skya awake

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True- yea I could see a little Sky’s too :blush: