Kit Identification. THANKS!

What kit is this? I found this picture on Google and I’ve never seen it before. She’s very cute!full_limbs

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Sharleme Brown (sold out)

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Yep, Sharlamae…I have one here that I’m afraid to start painting!

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I’d take her off your hands haha!:smile:

LOL, no thats okay! I paid $400 for just the kit — it will be for a portrait doll for one of my sons


Oh wow! Is that a normal price for her? I understand. Tristan or Jesse will be a portrait for my youngest son.

I don’t know if its the normal price, but I wasn’t able to find her anywhere else. When I saw that someone had her, I jumped on it

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I would have too. Sometimes you have to just pay the price for a rare kit.

The price was nowhere near that when she was released. Now she’s hard to find so that ups the price.

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Well I won’t be making her then. Darn I love that kit.

It never hurts to ask around. I wouldn’t mind having her, either.

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I’m going to ask but I doubt I’ll find her.