Kimbry dolls quality?

I am wondering what quality kimbry dolls are? KimbryDolls - Etsy UK

She has a large following and several people on here seemed to like her dolls but other people have said they are badly poured and low quality. People who have got these dolls, what do you think? I am planning on getting one but I want to check they are good first!

You say they have flaws. What do you mean by this? Tears? Bad pouring? Seams? I am trying to get a clear picture before I order. Which editions where better? :thinking:

Why you don’t ask the artist about the flaws ? She could send you photos of unpainted dolls etc . She would be the best to explain .

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True, I’ve asked her now but if anyone has any personal experiences please still share

From what I can see on her site, her dolls are $1,000. Still low for a good silicone doll, but way more than the $100 she has charged in the past.

I’ve owned several of her dolls. They are lovely, especially when you take into account the price range. Just like any silicone, you will notice imperfections in the pour.


Which website do you mean? On her etsy the only website I could find was
and everthing is pretty cheap there

Which edition are those? Is the first one the Ralph? They are all so sweet!!!

I’ve had smaller dolls of hers as well as bigger ones. Here are a few pictures (I’ve had two others which I ended up selling)…

Like everyone else says, they’re not the quality of a $10,000 silicone… the painting doesn’t have that “photorealistic” look that makes some reborns go “viral” on Youtube. That said, the artist isn’t pretending that they’re super high-end-- she’s experienced, courteous, and very honest when her dolls have flaws.

For me, it’s kind of perfect, because I don’t want a doll that’s so high-quality and expensive, I’m scared to touch it. Her dolls are well-crafted and and don’t look “dolly” per se, so I love getting them. They’re really quite lovely!


Clyde if I remember correctly. :sweat_smile: It’s been a while. The bigger one was Robin. I also owned a Clemmie for a hot minute, and that one was hands down my favorite! Only one that I have that’s survived the purges over the years has been Jimin. Her newer sculpts sure are tempting though!


Good point. I guess if I did get a 1000 doll I would NEVER want to use her and I would be terrified to tear her! Are there any big flaws, though? Things that ruin the doll? I guess not or you would have mentioned it…

He is soooo cute!! He looks a little shiny though. Are her dolls often shiny?

Oh. Sorry about that. I was confused.

Thank you for mentioning that. I did find the correct page this time. They really are low priced.

Then I think I’m going to order one!!! Do you know if she still ships rn with Covid 19?

Honestly, yes. :woman_shrugging: Every silicone I’ve ever had was pretty shiny- even the more pricey ones. You basically have to powder them to get them to not look that way for pictures. I snapped that one right when I opened his package.

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What do you mean by snapped? Thankyou for explaining about the shine though. I was worried for a second!!

No problem! I met snapped that picture. :yum:

Oh sorry, silly me :yum:

Honestly, the only real issues I’ve had have been things that affect all silicones… the paint on the bigger sculpt’s lips has rubbed a bit, but that can happen to any doll-- even vinyl ones, haha

If you do end up buying one, best of luck! :relaxed:

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