Kid Hair

I have just started rooting a head with Angela Sprott;s KID natural blonde mohair. Big Mistake!!! The hair is absolutely fabulous, soft, silky and invisible! I am having a hard time getting the needle to pick up a hair and when I do get one it doesn’t want to stay in the vinyl. Help. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to getting a head of hair out of this? I use a 43 single barb, maybe a different needle? I tried a crown but it doesn’t seem to be any better at getting a hair. I don’t want to give up------might have to. The vinyl is kind of soft too which might be contributing to the hair not holding. Pointers Needed!!!

have you tried wetting the hair just a tiny bit to help grab and root? Sometimes this helps me.

Fill the head with poly pellets. Then pack them in really tight with paper towels. That gives you a more solid but flexible surface to work on. I do this with all my heads except for the Berenguers. Works every time. I’ve never had to heat a head to root it. Also, try a different needle. I’ve had a couple of packages of 43 guage single barbs that there were 1 or 2 that barely had a barb. Run your fingernail along the edge of the needle. You should be able to see and feel it.

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thanks ladies, I think part of my problem is I absolutely I can’t see the hair it is so fair. I am going to try another needle maybe this one is worn out. I can see and feel the barb so I know it’s there. I will try the poly pellets that sounds like a really good idea. Wetting the hair sounds good too. Now that you mention that I think I did read that tip before on here somewhere. Thanks again.

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