Kenzie's Head

Hello I am new on here, Help I need help.
I have recently finished Kenzie but I am having problems getting her head to rake backwards as in modelling poses but haven’t been able to achieve this I would be grateful for any advice. I asked Bountiful Baby for advice and they put me onto your forum.

Is there weight in her head? Toddler kits don’t need any weight in the head and they can be too floppy and hard to pose with it. I painted Amelia who shares a torso and limbs with Kenzie and used no weight in the head and had no problems.

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Thank you I will try this lets hope it works on mine.x

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I used a pool noodle in mine…from inside the head and down through the torso. It gave stability. I also did not weight the head; just fibrefill in head.

Sorry what is a pool noodle?
I am in the UK and haven’t heard of this

Just realised its a pool float in this country I will try this. Thank you Mommarobin.

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Yep :slight_smile:

Another option is if you go into your clay sculpting section in the arts and crafts store they have a wire that is bendy and good for an armature.