Kenzie armature or no?

For everyone who has made a Kenzie have any of you used armature? I put my Kenzie together with just stuffing to see what she will look like, but she does not hold a crawling position very well so I am thinking of trying armature but wanted to see what everyone else had done with her first. Pictures of your completed Kenzie also welcome for inspiration. I start painting her in a few days.

I didn’t add armatures to either of mine. And no leg rings. I tried the rings but they made the baby flop over. Without rings, they were able to stay in whatever position I put them in. Both of my Kenzie’s were especially made for 12 year old girls. :slight_smile:


Do you have photos of them in the crawling position though? Most of them I have seen on google they are sitting up like in your photos.
This is how I would like to be able to make her staykenzie-by-donna-rubert-con-medio-torso


Here’s my Amelia that I did last year. I didn’t use an armature and he can sit in a crawling position just fine


I deleted all but a few pictures of each doll I make. But here’s one in crawling position. Her dress makes it hard to see her legs though.

And here she is looking like she’s about to crawl


I didn’t use and could pose her with no problem .

She is adorable , loved her more then I tought .

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