Keiko kit

I know only 500 were made . He’s my 15 year olds look like baby he is my second reborn after the Elizabeth and Evlyne kit that are my 28 year old sons look alike. I never see him and wanted to see others! ! It amazed us when we ran across him on Ebay because he was the same weight and height Chance was at birth Chance wasn’t born in December though he was October but that would have been creepy lol… I added Chance now pics as well he is so skinny and was a chubber( when he came home from Korea at 6 months old) that 6lb infant weight 22lbs and was 22 inches) until age 9 months when he started running and never stopped now he’s 5/7 and not even 100 lbs
If I ever find another I may get him to put in a box for Chance’s wife one day since sleep with mine a lit when Chance is in the hospital ect…I’m sure he will look rough in 10 years.



I painted one for the contest at Rose doll show and sold it at ROSE. But here is my version of the kit

She had alpaca hair


Very nice interesting mines only 19 inches but I have all his paper work he’s # 266. He has mohair wich I hate not a fan :frowning: my last to babies I had made my sisters memorial and one that is still being done I’ve got real hair. But with my RA hands the tangles are a lot for me. But as you can see by my sons pics it matched his spiked dark hair especially on his 1st Bd when he was in his Hanbok!
May I ask what you sold her for? You can PM me if you would like . I sent you about your leif.


Sorry I meant that leif message for the other poster lol… you made Jaxin :slight_smile: I’m getting there

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Her kit listing on Macphersons says
21" Doll Kit (19" with bent legs)

I sold her for $400 on the last day of the doll show.


Yes he has bent legs doesn’t yours? I’m going to PM you ok?

He’s beautiful thanks for sharing

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