Has anyone been using the Kebelka products? I completely ran out of my Genesis matte :tired_face:. I got the 3 jar set of Kebelka and watched the video. I used it on my last baby (Laura) but i wasnt thrilled with it :disappointed:. Has anyone figured out the best way to use it?. I would love to hear how it went for anyone whos using it.

I think Angie has used it. @anjsmiles

no longer can support


OOOh thanks for the video, I was curious about this product.

I also want to add anything said in that southern accent is just soothing.


Oh my you are too kind! I feel like I sound very rural country in my accent. I get embarrassed when I hear myself but I just keep talking! LOL! There are 4 parts to the testing videos and I just ramble on in some of them but it is just me doing my thing.

I’m thinking I may have needed to cure it longer? I did 8 minutes .

How long did it dry before baking?

Their recommendation on their products is to heat set for 9 minutes.
They also say it is important to pounce it out thinly. I think those areas are just where it pooled and did not get thinned out enough. I would take some odorless thinner on a brush or wedge and work it over those areas. Let it flash off and then rebake the arm. Since you already baked it 8 minutes the first time try 6 minutes, check it and if it is still there pop it right back in for the additional 3 minutes. If that does not remove it then the next step for me would be to take a qtip damp with W&N Brush cleaner and very gently and lightly rub over the crusty looking places to just remove those from the surface without stripping paint. This can be done but be gentle. Then wash the W&N residue off.

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Thank you, i did what you recommend and it did help. I’ll make sure i do those areas very thin the next time. :grin: it’s just a matter of getting used to. Boy I so want genesis back!!! :rofl:

How long should it dry before baking? I dont remember how long i waited. I think till it felt dry to the touch and was no longer shinny probably.

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That’s what they say but honestly on my testing I did not wait that long.

Another thing to be aware of is to throughly work your components well so that your mix does not have any lumps as those will dry crusty too.

Got it :+1:

I have some “baby alive” I bought awhile ago, never used it. My question is, what is it for and what does it do? :rofl:

I let mine dry overnight once and had those issues. Everybody told me to let the parts dry for like 20 minutes only then bake.

Ok, thank you. :+1:

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Ok…so I did what everyone said and just finished Max. He just needs eyelashes now. But all the matte is done. And I must admit this time I do like it MUCH BETTER. I think it came out good this time :relaxed:. I can’t wait to put him all together.


He looks wonderful! And totally matte too!

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Yes, I really like how soft he feels too. This kebelka might grow on me yet :relaxed::relaxed:


A southern accent is sexy and comforting. You are very natural and look comfortable in front of the camera, ramble on!