Kaycee Middleton is finished now!

Her wig arrived to day. I glued it down and trimmed it a bit to make it even. It did have little tendrils around the back but they were long and stringy so I snipped those off. It has 2 little piggies and the back of the wig does not have a part. The color is called frosted strawberry. It is a very nice color too.

Kaycee is going up for sale now that she is finished.

What a cutie!! You did a wonderful job on her!

I just measured her head around the area that the wig cap would go and it was 13" and I ordered a size 12/13. The Knoops kits have such an oblong eggish shape to the backs of their heads that it makes them harder to fit. I have a wig for sale that I bet would fit it. It is the 2nd one here: