Kate....What would you do?

I have a buyer who I’ve been working on her third reborn. She wanted a full vinyl using Kate’s head. She asked for rooted hair and sent one of the prototype photos saying she wanted hair like that. I’ve tried explaining that you can’t expect to duplicate the other artist. Now she wants me to buy another Kate head and paint it, leaving it bald. She would pay for another kit. I finished Kate’s head and have it all trimmed. I’m trying to see if it is maybe to her liking. Would you do another head?


:thinking:I would let her see what you have done, and let her know the time and cost its taken you to do this, if she still wants a bald one, make sure she pays for it, and I might even add a little extra cost just for the time you spent on the other one if she doesnt want it, if you told her up front you can’t duplicate, then Id charge for the expenses on it. Thats my opinion of course​:blush:


I think it looks great!

No way! Your version is adorable and that’s what she ordered.


If you do order another kit you’d almost have to paint the entire kit to make things match. You could then sell this one to someone else. However, switching everything at this point really makes a lot of extra work for you and your customer needs to know that and be charged to compensate. Changing the head isn’t really as simple as it probably sounds to her, and if you do it she may decide she wants limbs from a different kit, or a different skin tone, so it could be opening yourself up to a lot of unrealistic demands.
Don’t let her push you around, I’d probably not do it. This was what she ordered and what you agreed to make! If you have a policy about not refunding the deposit, you should be able to keep that even if she decides to totally back out on the deal.

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Let her see this one, she may just love it-------if not, tell her you’re going to sell it and you can do her another entire baby for “X” amount of dollars!! If she doesn’t like that, then too bad!!

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you cant match the head color to the body , you cant achieve the exact same skin tone etc.

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