Kate Quinn sale 😍

Idk how many of y’all shop KQ for your dolls (or real kiddos/yourself) but they have a great deal going on right now. With free shipping untill tomorrow I believe (always free over $70 for domestic)
They sell organic cotton, ribbed, modal and bamboo pieces. I loveeeee this shop lol
I don’t shop drops (really crazy rush when new pieces/collections launch) but things do sell out so don’t leave things in your cart like I did then they’re gone :rofl::sob::rofl::sob:
Bows, different types of hats, bandana bibs, some booties as low as $1.88, lots under $10!

Happy mother’s day!
SS of my newest order for funsies lol and some KQ pics :heart_eyes:


I love their clothes!

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I placed an order with them 5 weeks ago and still haven’t gotten it yet. It’s suppose to be here today, so fingers crossed as it was originally supposed to be here friday!


Thanks for the heads-up. I got an adorable teddy bear ear hat with a matching swaddle for photo props.

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