Kase Body out of stock

Is the Kase body permanently out of stock? Im worried because from what Ive read no other body looks good on him. Do you ladies know another good site that may have the bodies, because I cant seem to find any.
Any tips on another just as good body would also be welcome!

bbreborndollsupplies.com has it. It’s toward the bottom of the page.

If the legs were front loading Id probably just buy that…

Really? Ill take a look! Thank you!

Edit: Its out of stock too :frowning:

Id love some pictures! Thank you :slight_smile:

This is the same body @Thestarcatcher just posted but with cable ties… (so more expensive)

Im not in a rush, Im in class as well :blush:

Oh, sorry. I didn’t see that.

Thank you! If these bodies work Ill order them later tonight!

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I buy string bodies and then put in the cable ties myself. They sell little bundles of the ties also. :slight_smile:


You can get the 14 inch ones and they fit all of them… :slight_smile: Not sure about toddler sized though… lol

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I bought my cable ties at an auto parts store :wink:

no… lol but that does have some different colors in it I think! :slight_smile:

I’m thinking I dreamed it… I’ve been dreaming only about reborning for months now… hahahaha

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I havent :slight_smile: always fun to work on new kits though :slight_smile:

I have not, but just went to look at her… and Dolls so real has her listed wrong… hmmm so does City of reborn angels… They say Camille but show Chloe… which one are you getting? Macphearsons and tinkerbell creations show Camille…
Here are the 2 showing Chloe but listed as Camille:
And here are the 2 I looked at that I think is right…

Well heck I dont know… lol. Irresistibles has the same as the first 2…I have NO clue what is right…

hmmm the MacPhearsons ones address says Chloe… and part of the descriptions says chloe’s body… hmmm

I use body 7540 also on most of my babies.

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@MacPhersonCrafts - I think you have your kit names mixed up of Chloe and Camille by Anne Timmerman. :slight_smile:

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I use body 7451…for all my 20" babies…realborn and regular.