Kase awake - - -

On the gallery it says sold out but I don’t see it on the discontinued thread. Will that kit come back in stock.

If not, does anyone have a kit they are willing to sell and how much please.

The first few RealBorns were LE and once they sold out, they were not going to be restocked. Unfortunately, that is the case with Kase. I already sold my Kase Awake but have Kase Asleep available if you are interested.

oh snap - my customer wants Kase awake. It looks like the baby she lost. Let me check

thanks Carmen, but she wants Kase awake

No problem! :slight_smile:

Check the warehouse sale on MacPherson. I just bought Kase awake for 44.98, don’t know if they still have some and they has both Ashers on sale.

I already checked. I didn’t see kase awake

I have a Kase awake I will sell. I think I have the body as well. I’ll check and get back to you.


thank you - I await your reply

I just sent you a P.M.


I have him if you’re still looking.

how much are you asking to zip code 12540 and does it come with a body?

Amanda - would you e-mail me at NewBeginningsNursery@comcast.net

thank you