Kase Awake Volume Discount - And Others

I just noticed that Kase Awake (no extras) is marked down AND there’s a volume discount. If you buy 5, you get 50% off - No mix and match, just 5 of Kase Awake. Did anyone else notice that? I don’t need 5, since I already have two, but maybe some of you doing this as a business might consider it. I’m going to check to see if any others have the same deal.

Several others have a similar discount:
Asher Awake & Kase Asleep - buy 5 and get 50% off
Asher Asleep & Thomas Asleep - buy 3 and get 50% off
Thomas Awake - buy 5 and get 40% off

So, anyone thinking about twins or gifts or stocking up. Here you go!


I guess they’re just not selling them as fast as they’d like. With these discounts, I predict people buying lots of them and reselling at inflated prices. :confused: I doubt BB will mind because they didn’t care about the Bowtique items being resold either, they just wanted to make some room.

Edit to add: some Realborns have been marked down further from their original $79 price to $69. Great time to grab some! :slight_smile:

I saw it and was going to get a couple that I wanted but without the volume discount (I don’t need 3 - 5 of any of them either) it is just not that great a deal for me still…wahhh…I put 3 in my cart and with conversion and postage they still end up costing me about $135 each :scream: …Just can’t make myself hit the go to Paypal button! I hate that our dollar has gone down so low…it is really a pain… :disappointed:


Does you have a reborn friend that might want to go in with you? Once it is in OZ, it shouldn’t be too pricey to split with someone. Just a thought.

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Thanks for that…We are on the same wave length…lol I just sent out an SOS to some of my reborning friends to see if anyone wants to order along with me…I have got my own order up to about 4 kits which lowers my price down to around $90 - $100 per kit so if I can find a few ladies to get a few more it should bring it down some more…I just hope they respond before they take the sale off them…It is 4:30am here and I am probably the only nut case who stays up all night so hoping one of 2 of them are early risers :smile:


It’s too bad you can’t mix and match to get a 50% discount, but at least the regular price is lower.

That would be awesome…I would definitely not mind buying 5 or more if I could do that…lol

I knew there was a discount but didn’t realize it was 50%. Might be good to stock up and have available for trades.

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