Karen made me do it! Photos of Catherine!

After seeing Sophia, I couldn’t resist posting the photos I got for a Christmas present from my son. Catherine is 23 months old in these. Can’t believe she is almost two! Time is flying!! Sorry about the size…I lost the battle with photobucket so went back to just getting them off the hard drive!

She is beautiful. Too bad she and Sophia don’t live close together. NOW that would be a photo shoot.

She may look ornery but she is amazingly good tempered. Except when they brush her teeth. Until the last week, it took both of them holding her down while she screamed. Other than that, she is never cranky. Just adventurous! Climbed out of her crib until they gave up and took it down! Went out in the snow this year barefoot when daddy went to let the dog out and had to be chased down. That kind of trouble!

She’s BEAUTIFUL!!! What a beauty!!

***Thank you for posting ~ Catherine is a DOLL!!! Oh my goodness, the FUN she and Sophia could have together! ***

She is so beautiful!

Thanks, everyone! Of course, as grandma, I think she is gorgeous!