Kansas doll show 2023

The floor map was posted yesterday…


So excited. My Sister and I got our hotel room booked. This will be our 2nd time of going to Kansas doll show.


Aww, you and Katina just across each other. That is a very good location - streight from the enter!

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And right across from ME…

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Oh, that it what I meant, I though I am replying to you :joy:


I was searching for a more recent thread about KDS 2023 but most were past years, so I will update here and hopefully more will respond with pictures. This photo is the latest map that Jenny shared,

This is my “mock” display… good thing I stopped at 16!


Nice crowd! I wish you to sell all 16!
And like I already commented on you FB post, seeing you mascot Tiger in the snorkling gear made me lough. It’s brilliant!
Can’t wait to see more pictures from the show!

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My lion always gets to go to the show… working him in this year was a challenge!


Thanks I was just thinking about a map last night.

That’s a table full.