Kameko -- SHE IS SOLD!

First time I’ve reborned this one…please take a peek and cheer her on ~ thanks!

Shes so precious best of luck on the sale!

Thanks, Jennie and Katie ~ we’ll see. Evilbay

She is very cute and great job on the template. Lots of pictures, I like that. I have this kit but have been reluctant to do her. But after seeing yours I am inspired to start her. BOL on the auction. I will be rooting her on.

Thank you Marlen and V! Wasn’t sure I wanted to tackle the kit myself, but she turned out okay in the end, I think.

Thank you, Bonnie!

such a cutie! BOL with her auction

Sweet baby! Great job on her hair! Makes me want to make one for a friend of my daughter’s. Her real baby is turning two soon!

Thank you! Kameko is sold…someone saw her, emailed me, and I ended the auction. Probably bad of me to do that, but hey, no bids and this lady doesn’t “do” Evilbay, so it worked out. She paid immediately so Kameko gets to live in Pennsylvania now.

congrats on selling your Kameko!

congratulations on her adoption!

Thanks so much…I feel like I can breathe a little easier now, reading your comments. WHEW!!! You know Evilbay gives me a headache, but still, I hated to just end the auction. On the other hand, the sale is what counts.

That is great Karen. I was so happy to see that she was sold outside of ebay. No fees, yea!

Is that OK?? I thought that eBay didn’t allow outside sales?

I believe their policy is that you can end the auction if there are no bids. After that you have no listing of that item so you are free to do what you want.

Good to know, thanks V! She had no bids yet, so that’s why I took a chance that it was safe to end the auction. The lady who bought her doesn’t have an Ebay account. It all worked out, so I’m happy.


— Begin quote from “CrafterJen”

Congratulations!! Karen, did you end up taking a pic off of here? I don’t see a link for her.

— End quote

Here she is ~

Congratulations on her sale!! That is wonderful! : )

It would have been great but the lady flaked on me…she’s back on EvilBay now.