—-Just Zodi—-

I’m working on my first fantasy reborn, 10” fairy Zodi.


Not really reborn accessories, but I’m working on a winter fairy and got most of mine from Amazon.
Fantasy hair came from Etsy
But the wings, pointy ears, glitter stones etc all were found on Amazon for $10 or less

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This is where I ordered wings for my Zodi. The lady was very nice to work and answered all my questions. I’m still waiting for them to arrive but the wings look really beautiful in the photos. LullabyBayWings - Etsy

P.S. your Zodi looks very cute! She is my first alternative and so fun to paint!

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This maybe a market to explore…as a hobby. :joy::rofl: I hung up doll clothes sewing days years ago.

I can’t bring another hobby into this house. Someone is going to divorce me :joy::rofl::heart_eyes:

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Her items are very nice. Wings were the easiest thing to find. It’s all the other stuff. I guess I’m going to have to get my sewing skills out of retirement

PS. Thank you :heart_eyes:

@CamsGigi is making a dress for me. Don’t know if she would be interested in making more or not… under the willow tree on Facebook makes clothes for minis. Maybe she can help you too

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Macpherson put out a wing craft video


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I’ve been dabbling in looking up how to sew. Hubby’s gonna divorce me after all I’ve spent with small shops on fantasy clothes :rofl:

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What exactly are you looking for. My mother can sew/make just about any thing. Even from a drawing or picture.

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:hugs::hugs: I would like to create a forest fairy dress. Let me get visual presentations and inbox you.