Just wondering..when

Any idea when any of the new Realborn kits are coming out? :unamused: its been awhile now.


With the virus going on the company that manufactures BB kits was not operating, I believe they are back up now but not operating fully. I also think they are getting a shipment of a lot of out of stock kits either this month or next month :slight_smile:


Ever was supposed to be available in April. They have a limited stock in the warehouse. The rest they have set to be available spread across May - July

Of course all this depends on whatever is going on in the world

From the out of stock page

**Realborn Ever will be released sometime in late April or early May. **

**Realborns Michael Sleeping, Leilani Yawning, Brooklyn Awake, Jade Awake, and Martin Sleeping should be released sometime in late May or June. **

Realborns Johannah Asleep, Laila Asleep, Emmy Toddler, Jade Asleep, Charles Asleep, Ashley Awake, Leif Asleep, Logan Awake, 19” June Asleep, Kyrie Asleep, Logan Asleep, 18” Joseph Awake, and Patience Awake should be restocked sometime in late May or June.

Realborns James Awake, James Sleeping, Charles Awake, Christopher Sleeping, Autumn Sleeping, and Louis Asleep should be released sometime in June or July.


Thank you

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Lol I’m sure they will update when they get their shipment which prob won’t be this month.

Then we will be waiting six weeks from the actual release. Right??? I’m not sure if I want to know anymore. Just release them when they are ready as I’m getting sick with anticipation :woozy_face: