Just went to talk to someone about a custom baby

and they never showed up! We talked for messages and messages and messages and then when we meet she doesnt show up!

That would tick me off -if she still wants one charge her a pain in the butty tax LOL!!!

haha! great idea!!! now she messaged me and said she has a headache and shes going to the hospital. my goodness me!!!

oh jeez yeah

Oh please - there must be a full moon or something. Yesterday a woman e-mailed me with her 21 e-mails and my 21 responses and this morning she cancels her order!!! Go figure


Oh my gosh Judy I swear this happens to me all the time online- people pick out EVERYTHING- we have like 50 messages back and forth. oh jeez and this is the first one who did it to me in the non-virtual world!

the ole hospital excuse aye
id cut all ties with her, i dont deal with BS too well…im a native new yorker, i think that explains it lol