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Okay today one of my reborn friends needed to vent.She only explained that she was not jealous of any other artist.She also said her work speaks for it self.And it’s true thus artist makes some beautiful baby.So another person on the feed commented that artist shouldn’t advertise on other artist live page.So she belew up the situation .This other person then went on to say people should be o their own page.My thoughts was that live fb is public.And sometimes people may be out of order.But I just wanted to say I have met so many artist that share stuff to this date.There was also talk about artist blocking other artist from their page.I’m not here to start any drama but to bring attention to how some artist feel as well as customers.There’s so many people that would love a beautiful doll from any doll artist.Another thing the public don’t understand is the preparation,tools hard work sore fingers and burning red eyes go into making these babies.I believe that we need to stick together and support all reborn artist.Except for scammers who take old bountifulbaby.com prototype pictures and try to sell the dolls.


I agree. We do need to support each other. Without advice and encouragement from other artists, most of us could never make it.


I agree. Even if a baby is good, there are so many different types and style. I have a friend who doesn’t like Brook Nicoles and I am like how can you not!!! Art is art and everyone makes it special in their own way.


Yes maaam

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So true I never seen two dolls reborned that was identical.

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I have been helped by members on here and I appreciate it soooo much! I also love seeing everyone else’s babies. I just love babies, lol.

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To expound on wht @Toutlaw has said, there are some artists that paint live. From time to time there will be a comment from a viewer such as “my mother makes babies too,” and you can hear the artist say, “Oh bless her heart, I bet she loves that” and then you hear the artist say automatically “blocked!” and goes and blocks the person that said it.

Now I understand that there should be a level of respect for the artist when on live and, should anyone be tuning in to another artists live feed just to promote their own reborn business? No, absolutely not. I am a firm believer that a certain level of respect should be maintained at all times. I view silently most times and if I do have a question, I make sure to log in under my personal facebook page and then ask a question. The other viewers have no idea that I am an artist other than them actually trying to figure it out on there own or they can may be able to tell by the question that I ask but in general my question would be about they type of hair being used or the size needle. Other than that I purposely don’t draw attention to myself. Now to her defense when she tells people that she is all booked up until the end of the year, she will tell her followers that want to purchase reborn babies, that they can find other artists on facebook or via internet search.

I believe that artists should have respect other artists, stick together and be supportive of one another. Some artists may be more threatened by another artist or artists and this comes with the territory I guess. I would never by any means go on another artist page posting pictures of my babies. I have my own page for that. That’s just something that should never be done.

I am really grateful for this forum because there have been so many people here that have helped me to grow as a reborn artist. I am more than happy to help anyone that asks for my help and I also will not hesitate to refer another artist to a potential customer.

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