Just wanted to share (funny to me anyway)

When I delivered Taite to his new mommy yesterday (at her job), she introduced me to a coworker. She told her that we had gone to school together and that my husband and I were highschool sweethearts and we have 6 children (she has 5 BTW). The lady looked at me and said “and you make babies, why”? Quickly my friend answered “because she can’t make anymore babies”. Is is really strange that I love baby dolls so much when I have 6 kids?

No way! Thats wonderful!
I am almost due with my third but I still make babies (when I get a chance, which is about 1 every 2-3 months!)
But i still find time to come on and enjoy all of the babies I see here too I love babies and reborns too
Funny thing is I dont have a single one in my collection.
I havent found my keeper yet. I just get too busy and try to sell the last one which is what I use to fund supplies for the next one! So I enjoy making them thats for sure.

I have 3 kiddos, and they inspired me to want to reborn. Just the thought of being able to create a 3D look alike of each one of them inspires me greatly. I am striving to become better first, but just the idea is encouraging. I also agree that its so wonderful hearing when couples have been together for so many years. It’s rare these days, congrats. My sister has 5 daughters. I am 31 she is 6 years younger than me, I grew up with 6 of us. My other brother has 6 kiddos, so big families are wonderful.

Who knows where some peoples minds go. The more babies the better.