Just took a dive into the deep end

I have been living on the couch with a cold for a couple days (I am a big baby when it comes to boogers and fever). I am not a sit still girl so I fell down a rabbit hole or two watching You Tube.

It seems in my delirium I invested in silicone. I bought a couple sculpts and all the supplies at O-dark-thirty.

I am kinda freaking out. That was huge investment and I am all set up and love vinyl and GHSP.


Well I am going to give it a go. If anyone has any advice or pointers or knows anyone who makes super amazing, not to expensive silicone blanks let me know.

Do not shop when you have a fever.

I am super excited though.

Chime in, what do you think about silicones, the silicone market…


MacPhersons has silicone kits


Oh my I am so excited to see where this takes you! I adore your vinyls so I know you will figure out the silicone. Hopefully you can watch some silicone videos on your next trip down the rabbit hole! And yes, shopping at O-dark-thirty is what got me into reborning! :crazy_face:


Probably whatever it is that I think when I do something like that in the middle of the night and then wake up in the morning and feel the same way! At least there are two of us in this club. :slight_smile: Best of everything to you in your silicone journey.


Do you follow Susan Dizon J Gibbs? She teaches painting silicon classes at ROSE and IDTS. She also does amazing baby bassinets-carriers.

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I have the flu for 4 days, I am glad my kids are keeping me on earth…you frightening me ! That’s a thing I could totally have done too !

Good luck with your new art !
I am sure you will make it a success !


They are so expensive but they have a sculpt I really like (really like) , I will have to go back when I sell the silicone babies I bought, fingers crossed I get it right.


Me too!

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Thanks Y I will check her out!

Yep it happens, stay away from the computer when you are sick and hope you are feeling better soon!


Had to laugh at this Gina because did the same thing on a much smaller scale. What is it with the flu this year? I ordered a truck load of vintage baby clothing and shoes when I had it. Don’t remember ever having the shopping flu before, but thinking I got off easy now!
All these packages (most of which I didn’t even remember ordering) starting coming in the mail. It was sort of fun finding out what I’d ordered and I’m actually glad to have most of it.
Painting silicones sounds scary but it’s always been something I’ve wanted to learn but was too cheap to invest in. Probably a good thing I didn’t remember that when I was so sick.
Good luck with your new endeavor, I’m sure you will be amazing at it in no time!


:rofl: You are cracking me up!

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Well this is exciting! You’ll be great at it. You’ll have to make sure you keep us updated and share on your YouTube too!


I am sure with the work you do on vinyl that your silicones will be just as great!
The shopping flu is the worst…or the best depending on how you look at it… except the bank statement! Lol
Hope you get to feeling better tho!


Ok I am cracking up! Because last night in my flu fever state I had a dream that I got a giant box full of silicone stuff and I was like oh no! I can’t afford all this! Where did it come from!!
And then I woke up and read your post :rofl:


I must have done an intervention while you were sleeping telepathically and didn’t know it. Altered states…

How are you feeling?

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Oohhh, I have those same thoughts going through my mind. I want to try it but I’m afraid. So, now I will follow your progress and see how it goes first. Unless I get the flu, then apparently all bets are off.


Thanks, I will keep you updated, stay well.


Excited to see what you do with it! I know all about the flu shopping though last year I ended up buying a 50lb bag of dog food and a 10lb box of treats…we didn’t have a dog at the time 🤦 didn’t even remember buying it but we ended up donating to our local shelter.


That’s hilarious! The shopping flu is real!

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