Just some questions

Ok I’m going to list and number the questions I have that others might have too.

  1. How would you add eyes to a sleeping reborn? I noticed a few posts talking about it but none explaining how.

2.baby has small eyes that don’t look real. How to fix this?

  1. Smaller body or bigger body? Do you use a smaller body or a bigger body for your reborn kits that don’t have one assigned to it.

  2. What’s a safe way to remove painted hair or eyebrows.

Thank you guys sorry if anything is already answered just send me to the page if it is thank you so much!

1: you can cut the eyelids, add the eyes behind it and secure it with moleskin. I haven’t done it myself, but I know it isn’t easy.
2: Replace the eyes, I suppose?
3: Not smaller or bigger, just a right sized one. You can usually go up or down an inch, but it depends on the kit which body looks best.
4: If the paint has been set, you can’t remove it without removing all the layers underneath it.

  1. Some people (not too many) have painted the eyes on a closed eyed sculpt but unless you’re a really good artist, it would be hard to make them look realistic. I’ve opened the eyes on Maggie but it’s not do-able on every sculpt. Maggie has creases in her eyelids that I used to go by. I carefully cut along the creases then smoothed the edges with acetone on a Q-tip. It has to be just the right sculpt. It’s not do-able on all of them. Maggie, Jacelyn, Kimberly, and Meg could all be peeky eyed opened while still leaving some natural eyelid. If you look at these kits, you’ll see what I mean about the eyelid crease. If the eyelids are smooth, it won’t work. Actually putting the eyes in is difficult because there’s nothing to hold them in place while the glue dries. Once it does, I put strips of moleskin crosswise over the eyes for added security.

  2. Some babies just have small eyes and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  3. I use a body that coincides with the head circumference (advertised size of the baby) and then use the length of the body from neck to crotch for that size baby.

  4. If the eyebrows are already baked or cured removing them will remove the paint layers underneath.