Just some baby talk

So I’m rooting a Landon, and it’s taking me FOREVER! do you ever have a doll that you feel like it’s taking you forever to work on? This head is just taking so long!!

Also I am waiting for June to be released. She is sooo cute! I don’t want to wait for her any more!

And I ordered on Sunday and was expecting the shipping information to come out yesterday but it didn’t! B.B. must be super busy.
I ordered a Leah, ive never done her before
And a cozy, Ive made cozy a number of times
And a priscilla. I love her profile.


Landon has a huge head! I want to make him as a bald baby:) June is super cute! I am working on an AA baby for a relative and decided to add an extra head to make a cuddle baby for myself, I’m following the same tutorial. So now I have two heads, two arms, and two legs, it’s kind of funny to work that way:)


I need June ASAP and eager for Madison awake :pray:t2:these 2 are my new favourite .


I haven’t done a Landon…but I will never forget rooting Juan. Nightmares.

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Jacky just recently finished her version too so I am sure they will update her listing pics soon


I’m working on a Holly for a character baby with thick black hair. I haven’t even finished the back yet but have pretty much given up for now. I just can’t find the motivation to finish that whole thing, it’s taking forever!

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She is the cutest ever!! I love her


what character baby are you making deedee?

I made a character book baby for my sister-n-law who is a librarian a few Christmas’s ago. I made “baby Jims” in the Rilla of the Ingleside book written my L.M Montgomery. I found a white gown from the early 1900’s, it was so fun!

You made a baby Jims! I would love to see that baby!! I love L.M. Montgomery’s books!

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Yes, I used the Lane Sleeping Kit. I’ll see if I can find a pic to post. I wish they would turn this book into a movie. I keep hoping, I love it too.

Redheads don’t seem to sell too well for most people so I guess they take that all into consideration before making them. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a baby with red hair. (I have a red haired great granddaughter and she’s beautiful) but I still wouldn’t buy a reborn with red hair!! Just me.

Happy Reborning KatiePerry!!!:cherry_blossom:
God bless.

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Gosh, not really sure what sells the best but lots of ladies use browns (it’s easier to see). Blonde makes you go blind (not really) but it feels that way, it is really hard to see. You don’t see as many little red headed babies but they can be sweet like you said. Most people pick a hair color based on the flesh tone of their baby. Good luck, what ever color of hair you choose to put on your babies, you will love!!

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It’s going to be a Harry Potter baby. Not 100% like the books/ movies as Harry was older when he got his scar and I doubt he had a full head of hair. But I’m just making him for myself for fun, so I just went with what I felt like.