Just sold my little Petra

Well it’s with mixed feelings that I report that I finally made a sale after a months dry spell, but the doll that sold was my little Petra Naomi. She’s the baby I have on my business cards and was the first one I did Combi hair on so I am kind of happy/sad to see her go. But it was time for her to go to her real home. Bon Voyage, Petra!


Congratulations Helen. and congrats to the new mom who’ll be receiving your little one as well.

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Yay Helen!

Thanks everybody! I think we can all take heart. There have been more sales the last two weeks. I think things are finally picking up!


I’ve sold 5 dolls this month! Things are definitely picking up :thumbsup:


Woohoooo Helen!!! That’s super!!! And yay Kim! And yay Karen!!! :tada::heart:️:tada::heart:️:tada::heart:️:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

Congratulations, Helen!!! :grinning:

Very good news…so happy for you…!!..Congratulations…!!.

I am happy/sad for you, sometimes its so hard to send them off. :wave: You get so attached to them and I personally think I am a crazy because I do. Glad for your sale and many more. :smile:

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Way to go ladies! Hope you have heaps more happy sales!

Thanks everybody. I actually got her mailed off today and she cost me every bit of the $30 I charge for shipping! She went to Ohio and the box was quite heavy. One down, two to go. I still need to sell August (Phoenix) and Meredith (Presley) . I’ve got three more in the works now too and they should be finished in a week or two. I guess they’ll get dressed for Christmas. Do you think it’s too early? I know a lot of people do their shopping early.