Just Saying . . . Thank You!

The reaction from the people I know to my love of reborning has always been lukewarm at best (sometimes quite negative, actually). Just wanted to thank you all for the support and tips (can’t ever forget the tips!). I truly appreciate all the input and insight. It’s so nice to communicate with people from my tribe!

I have friends that I am sure think I have gone off the deep end! I probably would have given up reborning if it wasn’t for all my forum friends! I love bringing a baby to life, trying new techniques and color palettes and learning new tricks.

If everybody would create reborn baby it would be PEACE on Earth .
You should don’t care. If you like it do it. I am sure most of us we are still cooking and taking care off our family. In extra time people need to relax, have a drink, watch a movie, read etc.etc.

This community cares even we don’t know and we are far away from each other.

happy Reborning, enjoy your baby’s .

I do a lot of craft fairs with my reborns and believe me, I’ve run into every type of compliment and insult that’s out there! When I first began going public with them, I was hurt and angered by the negative reactions. Then someone explained to me why people have these bad reactions to these type of dolls. It’s called “Uncanny Valley”. Look it up. It makes perfect sense. Every person has a normal psychological reaction to something that looks HUMAN, but is not. The brain has played a trick, if only for a moment, thinking that the object is human, and then realizes it’s not. The normal reaction can range from joy to fear, revulsion to anger! It’s all normal and the person cannot help it. They can, however, control their negative responses and usually don’t… BUT, if you understand why people react the way they do, maybe you won’t feel so badly. I know it has helped me!

To the people who think it’s creepy, I always remind them of what Barbie, Chatty Cathy & Raggedy Ann & Andy looked like! Then I go on to tell them that if I want to play with dolls at my age, I’m entitled!

Seriously though, it is an artform without question. Just browse ebay - you will see okay dolls, and spectacular dolls. Art is interpretive, and each & every doll - no matter how common the sculpt - is an individual one of a kind work of art.

I too am grateful for the forums that are available so that we can support & share with each other.

what I say to people that say they are creepy because they look so real is “thank you , that’s what I was aiming for” that tends to shut them up lol

I think all of us are thankful for meeting each other! It is somewhere that you can share not just doll stuff but make friends and get support for real life boomerangs. Just when I feel so alone, I come on here and boom, someone is here that listens and my mood picks up. I may not have people around me that understand my obsession but over the years they at least accept me for the crazy lady I am. Give your friends and family time and they will maybe still not understand but at least accept your quirk. I have 3 adult kids and a granddaughter who is a thousand miles away. I need a baby closer! I love baby stuff! So they gave in to my “hobby” but I still can’t get the family to let me take the baby along on trips to town.