Just ranting

Sorry if I sound bitter, but that custom I ordered last July-ish still hasn’t been completed, and I’m kind of annoyed. The artist told me in April that she was just doing “final touch-ups,” and she’s apparently still working on that.

The pics she’s sent look ok… at least I have proof that she’s not scamming me.

She says her family’s been going through financial troubles and that she was recently in the ER, which I’m sympathetic to. Life happens! I can’t fault her for that. But I found someone on Instagram who ordered a custom from her 7 months ago and has been demanding a refund, to no avail. Knowing that I’m not the only person having these issues has only made me feel more impatient.

I hate being a mean person, and it’s not like I can demand money she doesn’t have… but after a year of waiting, I’m actually starting to dislike the doll itself!! She originally said it would take a few weeks, and it’s been almost a year…

Should I just ask her to send me the painted kit?? Maybe that’s the solution…


I would defintely ask for the painted kit back. Sounds like this lady bit off more than she can chew and is not being transparent with you because she needs ths money. I’m so sorey this is happening to you

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I agree, I’d definitely ask for the painted kit back and I’d ask it to be sent immediately! I don’t know if you’ve already paid her in full, but if you have then your window for a refund, through paypal anyway, has already come and gone. If she’s that in need of money I wouldn’t take the chance that she may sell off the painted kit/doll for extra money. Now days in the doll world you never know.

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I take quite a few customs, try to get them out within 3 months . Life does get in the way. Ive been raked through the coals when family things happen ( a horrible customer actually posted about doll on my mothers obituary personal fb post).
Most customers are understanding. Some treat you like a servant. However, almost a year is a long time unless she has proof of extenuating circumstances. I guess it depends on artist. One of my customers just emailed me and asked about another artist that wont have her baby ready until april 2020. I would ask for more photos and expected delivery date. Remember, PayPal gives six months to file claim.

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Did you pay in full or only a deposit?
Maybe you can look on the scammer site to see if there are more of you because PayPal can’t help you now because its been 10 months. She could have possibly strung you along this long just to avoid you opening a claim…I hope that is not the case.
Have you looked to see any other reviews on her…if she has delivered any custom orders. The baby is cute…I love Lil Yawn…I have some of her sisters…Ive done Lil Smile and I have Lil Cry.
Id do what everyone else is saying…ask for the baby as is and with the proper discount, of course. You are an awesome artist and will be able to finish her yourself.

Oh my, how horrible!!!

I made the mistakes of allowing a virus into my home that got one of my kids sick, then knocked me on my rear for weeks. I was literally too sick to hold a paint brush… I had one sweet customer who understood, the rest did not. It was beyond irritating.

I do stay quite busy with customs, even recently becoming backed up to a point where I stopped taking new orders. Despite all of this and sick kids, getting sick myself ect., it has never taken me anywhere close to a year to send a doll out. I shoot for 8 weeks, but it has taken up to 10.

No way would I wait a year for a doll unless someone like Alexa Calvo is painting it for me. :grin: Grab your painted kit and run as fast as you can!

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Thanks for your responses, everyone! I’m definitely going to ask for the painted kit. Hopefully he’ll be worth the wait!


There are artists online who take over a year for their customs…and don’t try asking them for progress pic: they can get nasty

I would never take a custom if it was gonna take that long

I don’t do customs.

I don’t think she is a scammer but I noticed a lot of people who do customs have good intentions but mismanage their time and are not realistic about how they will deliver. I understand the money can be good and it is hard to say no to customers and the money but they need to look at what they can do realistically, build in “life” events and be honest.

Figure out how many babies you can do in a month. Include rooted babies (it takes a long time to root a baby). Factor in birthdays, holidays, illness, etc. You need to have a life.

Open your blocks in three month increments, I don’t think it is realistic to ask people to wait more than three months. Better to put people on a waiting list for open slots than to fail to meet your obligation. I would rather be in demand than to be a flake.

Four times a year you take new babies. If you have a cancellation or a little extra time pull from your waiting list. Never charge to be on a waiting list, that is a scammer move.

Deliver on time, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

I would rather have a baby done as promised than to waste time with and update convos and photos. If you have chosen this artist it is because you like what they do and you have researched them well. If you trust them you let them make magic.

I would send her a nice email letting her know that you understand life happens but she has taken a year to do what she promised to do in a couple weeks. Ask that she return the doll the way it is, she can pay for the shipping.

You are going to take the hit because you don’t have a complete baby but it is better than this going on and on.

If she is going to make this a business she has to treat it like a business. If people are open about personal financial struggles with people they do business with that is a bad sign. I would move to the next artist. Business and personal finances should not be mixed.

So sorry you have to go through this.


At least ask her for the painted kit and I’ll root it for you, if it’s a preemie.

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That is such a lovely offer! Thank you so much. I think he’s preemie sized. If I manage to get the artist to give him to me, I’ll let you know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok folks, I have an update— she still has the kit and is now saying that she ran out of varnish. I asked her multiple times if she could send just the kit as-is, and she didn’t answer my question— just said she needed more varnish. This is impossible! :sweat:

Varnish to finish isn’t even required. Many artists dont use it.

I think she is lying.


She is BSing you! She can get supply anywhere, even shipment from BB, or MP, or Irresistibles takes just 2-3 days! If I would be you I would open a case. Sorry…

Gosh, my Ukrainian temper has no patience with scammers like this!!


“Quite a few touch ups “ after 1 year? I’d be surprised if she still has your kit.

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Yeah, something doesn’t sound right. She’s had him for months and she just now ran out of varnish? I would be asking for a refund. Also, has she shown you any w.i.p photos? if not, that’s a red flag to me!