Just proud of my first Afro-American baby



She’s beautiful. Lovely job.

You did a really, really excellent job!

Exceptional baby. I love her! Did you use primary washes or ethnic tone paints?

Her skin tone is perfect!

Beautiful, quite exceptional!

She is gorgeous. Nice work.

You did an awesome job. Love the hair. How did you find some mohair that curly?

This baby won’t last long, He/she Is beautiful. I love the little boy the best, precious!

Thank you for your kind words about my work! I mixed basic colors.

I saw her on fb and though she was just gorgeous!

You definitely should be proud, she is outstanding :smile:

I hope you get some higher bids than $265. She’s so worth more than that.

Another 7 days to go; bet she sells for a good price. :star2:

Thank you every one for your kind comments about my work. The friend of my, from Europe bought this hair for me in his local Hair salon in Czech Republic. She was told that this hair is a human hair. I am not 100% sure about that, I have no idea how human Afro hair feels like. This is why I described them in eBay description as a human-like hair.

How interesting. It could be human hair, I guess. It certainly looks beautiful.