Just posted my first for-sale baby on Reborns!

I just posted my first for-sale baby on reborns.com. I’d appreciate anyone who wants to check out my listing and tell me what you think! It’s my first listing, so I’m not sure I added everything I need in the description. Also, are the pictures sufficient? And do you think the price is right? I’m excited but nervous about this first listing! Here is the link (I hope it works!), and a few pictures of my Clyde Awake:



Nicely done baby. I especially like how you did his mouth. You probably could have charged a little more for him. Best of luck with his sale.

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How much is he?
Looks great!

Thanks! I’ve set his price at $215 plus shipping. I’m just insecure about charging that much for my babies yet. This one is only my 9th and I still feel like a newbie!

I think you did a very nice job with everything. He is a cutie. You might want to mention his eyelashes - they look like they are hand rooted -

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I thought about mentioning the eyelashes but wasn’t sure. They’re actually applied. I rooted first but then pulled them out. I absolutely cannot get the hang of rooting eyelashes on an open eyed baby!

Then I would say very good job! I usually use applied lashes for open eyed, too. I don’t even put lashes on all of them. Some look better without.

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Nice soft coloring :heartpulse:
Your logo is too adorable!!

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He is a little darling. Great job! BOL with the sale.

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