Just popping in to say hi

I’ve been in here a ton of times and finally decided I should probably just register. I’ve only been reborning for about a year. It’s frustrating, challenging, and so much fun! Looking forward to chatting with you guys! So, hi!


Welcome, I’ve just been reborning a year also. Learning much on this forum. Enjoy sharing with the other reborners.

Hiya! Welcome to the forum!


The more the merrier! Glad to see you join us.

Hello and welcome!!

Welcome to the BB Forum! and don’t forget, we love to see each other’s work!

Thanks everybody!

Welcome. Don’t be shy. There’s always someone around to chat with or ask questions.

Welcome to the forum! I have only been reborning a few months and I’m so grateful for all those here. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly. I’m sure you will love it here.

Welcome to our Forum! I’d love to see your art work!

Hope This Helps!

Howdy! And welcome! Glad you decided to join us!

Welcome. There are so many ladies here that are so happy to share information on doing just about everything!