Just ordered my first reborn babe!

It’s official, I ordered my first reborn so now I feel I can really introduce myself haha
I’m Stevie, I’m an American, and I’m nineteen years old. I’ve always wanted a reborn, all the way back when I was ten and watched reborn videos on YouTube non-stop. This morning I finally ordered the Skya kit from bb, she was on sale and is so darling I can’t stand it! She’s supposed to be here by Saturday and then I’ll start working on her! I’ll be using air dry acrylic paints, liquitex to be exact. I know there’s controversy in using air dry paints, let alone acrylics, but this is only my first reborn so I have room to grow. Plus I have a lot of experience with acrylics (went to an art school for high school and was in advanced painting for three years). I’m in college so money is VERY tight, I also have five dogs and a cat as well as a house full of people so ghsp are not ideal as of right now because of the fumes and expenses that come with them. I’m so excited to be a new part of this amazing community, thank you for reading my life story lol :wink:


Welcome to the Forum! There are quite a few of us that use Liquitex and Golden. Ask away when you need to!

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Congratulations on your first purchase and Welcome to the ‘addiction’!! You picked a nice kit for your first baby. Use the spyglass in the top right hand corner to ask (type in) questions and you will find lots of information on just about anything you want to know about the process of reborning. Anything you can’t find just ask and someone will be along to help as soon as they can. Good Luck along the way on your journey. Nice to have you with us. BTW, there is nothing wrong with using air dry paints as long as you are using the Professional grade paints and not craft paints. Be sure to use mediums along with them to assure adhesion to the vinyl. Let us know if we can be of any assistance.


Thank you so much! I’m sure I’ll be taking you up on your offer :joy:


There’s nothing wrong with using air dry! Some people just don’t like it. It’s a lot less forgiving than heat set paints, but not having to bake after each layer is awesome.
Plus, when it’s been set properly, it will hardly come off again. Even when you’re actually trying to strip the paint.


Oh yes, I’ve been reading discussion boards non stop for the last few weeks. A nice thing is that I already have liquitex matte gel medium for my paintings, so I’ll be using that for my kit, especially since I’ve heard a lot of good things about it on discussion boards

Fantastic! I was wondering about it coming off since I’ve seen so many people here say that acrylic will eventually fade, but everyone is entitled to their opinion I guess lol!

Cheap acrylics can fade, professional ones don’t. Otherwise there’d be a lot of blank paintings in the world, haha. I’ve had reborns that were painted years ago with air dry and there’s no fading whatsoever.
Just keep te reborn out of too much direct sunlight. The sun can fade any colors, both air dry and heat set.


Welcome to the forum. I use GHSP so I cant help you with that but anything else, just ask away :blush:

Welcome and happy painting!

Welcome! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Welcome! So nice to meet you!

Let’s get to the good stuff! Who did you order??? I would love to know who you picked as your first baby!!!

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Welcome! I just painted the skya kit and she is SO pretty. You chose a great first kit. :blush:

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Welcome to the forum, Stevie! Congratulations on your first BB purchase! Be worn that it’s so addictive! Your choice of Skya is great and I am looking forward to your WIP posts.

I chose skya from bb! She’s absolutely adorable and she was on sale so that’s a plus lol😊


@myoungbabes I think Sky’s is so cute. I think she will be the next one I order.

Welcome Stevie. Skya is a great kit, she is really. easy to paint. I am an artist too and although I have a lot of experience with acrylics I have to admit that for me I find it hard to paint a baby with acrylic paint. I think the trick is to get a good prime down on the vinyl first.

I use GHSP. It can be pricey to start off with but you use so little paint the tiny tubs last forever. You can get a nuwave for under a 100 bucks on Amazon and plug it in outside to avoid the fumes.

I can’t wait to see what you create, share photos! A lot of ladies here willing to share tips and tricks and get you started. If you ask for critique you will move along a lot faster, it isn’t always the most pleasant experience but always super helpful.

The first baby…ahhh happiness. Much luck.

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Welcome to this great addiction. I use liquitex, golden, and started out with headset paints. I like both for different reasons.
I’ve been thinking about ordering that kit or kits I want awake and asleep

Welcome to the wonderful addiction called reborning. Looking forward to seeing your first baby complete.