Just One of Those Days

I am working on twin preemie dolls, and decided to try out a new technique. Bad idea. They are way over-mottled. Can they be saved? Do I just add a bunch of flesh layers, and bake each layer, until I’m happy, or is it guaranteed to be a muddy mess?

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Pictures will help us see what’s going on.


It just looks too bold, but is even. I’m usually good at mottling. I’m just working with different sponges, and a different surface area, and I should have added more thinner. I can post a photo tomorrow when I have better light. These sponges also seem to have too much texture to them, aside from what I’ve done with plucking them. Uggh, I realized pretty early on, and should have just thinned it out my mottling then, but thought trying something new might be a good idea. :unamused:


It’s always worth trying new techniques (unless you are on a deadline) because the fails teach you as much as the successes. I commend your bravery!