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As far as an opinion everybody has one.But on this thread im noticing that people kind of get upset when someone gives their honest opinion.For example my doll Rowan is beautiful.But the front of her hair is pluggy.Everybody wished me luck and said she was beautiful.But this is a forumn to talk get better and communicate with other artist.Knowbody ever told me that the front of her hair was pluggy.So what it was my 3rd doll.I would appreciate well established artist input.If your an inspiring rapper and you sound a lil country i think some advice can help you.Like i said i love reading and communicating with everyone on this forumn.But just because you make dolls does not make you a saint…


What’s wrong with a country rapper, @Toutlaw? :joy:
It was suggested earlier that those of us looking for honest feedback should clearly ask for it. Agreed. But I’d also like to add that if you ask for it, be ready to graciously accept it, grow from it, and move on. If anyone is sensitive to this kind of thing, post and tell everyone that you’re only sharing or want positive comments only. It’s okay either way.


I know I’ll get c### but sometimes I see a baby that someone wants an opinion and I think oh its looks like a red stripe down their forehead or its so red and I don’t say anything because everyone is saying oh how cute or looks good so far.
I wouldn’t comment to be mean but some one wants an honest opinion and they don’t get it.I don’t claim to be a super artist and lord knows mine aren’t perfect but if you are unsure it would be nice to get some kind of response to help out with your question so you can correct or learn from it. Hope I haven’t upset anyone but-------- Hugs to all:heart_eyes_cat:


It’s hard to be really critical. Each of us has her own painting/rooting style, some of which I like, and others which I don’t care for so much. My preference should not be used to influence what you like on your own babies! I may offer an opinion when asked, or I may defer because my own style preference is different.


Same here. If someone posts a doll that needs help and says, “Here’s my doll”, then it’s just assumed they’re showing us the baby. If that same doll is posted and the artist says, “Please tell me how I can do things better” (or something similar), then we know they’re wanting critique. Sometimes, though, no matter how gentle the critiques are, the artist can get their feelings hurt. Growth happens when we look past the hurt and really look at our work so the next little one can be better.


Yes! :relaxed:


Hi Sony,

I have said that a doll looks really good for their first try… Which in my opinion it did… I didn’t mean anything bad by it. The artist herself stated it could have been much better…
I am super new. I haven’t even started on my own reborn yet, but I know what real babies look like after having 6 of them… And I can’t stress this enough… Each one looked completely different… One had a cone head and a lot of bruising on her face because she was in the birth canal too long… Others were pristine… With very clear skin and not much mottling… One was the size of a preemie, but full term… So she had a very translucent skin color, no fat layers under her skin made her look very red… Some were born bald… Some had male pattern baldness… Then there were ones who has quite a lot of hair… For the person originally posting this… I am sorry I didn’t see your baby… But I don’t know if I would have said much because babies hair can be soooo different… Now if there was a cowlick that gently wrapped it’s way around the babies head… And some of it was way off… I might have pointed that out… One of my poor daughters was born almost with a mullet… Spiky hair on top and a bit long in the back… (I put a hat on her everywhwre we went and prayed it would rub off LOL) If I were to create a baby with hair like that I am certain that someone would say something… But for her… That was her normal hair… I do think it is best if you are looking for a critique that you post it in the message with your doll… That way we know you are looking for help…

Lots of Love


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exactly …we try

Ha.thanks for sharing