Just my dolls. *pic heavy*

I have 3 dolls currently that I have taken the heads and limbs off of. One of them I opened the mouth for a full pacifier. I just ripped out all of the hair from another one but I’ll post that elsewhere because I have some questions about it.

This is Rosie Lynn. I actually really have grown to love her quite a bit.

This is Elijah Franklin. He was a girl but clearly, that is the wrong gender for him.

Daisy thinks he’s her baby.

Iris Ximena is my only vinyl doll. She was supposed to be a boy. Yeah…nope. She’s a cute chunky monkey.

I plan to mess with these dolls a bit. Likely just the silicone ones. I want to clean up the inside of Rosie’s mouth and paint her lips back on right. Elijah is getting new hair because what he came with is horrid to me.

Yes that is bad smoking things. No I don’t smoke inside. I had carried her from one building to another and stuffed them in there because I had no pockets.


Daisy is the sweetest baby of all :two_hearts:
They are all cute !


They’re very cute! That last one definitely looks like a total girl.