Just listed Rabbit

I just listed Rabbit to Reborns.com

I was going to keep her but there just isn’t room in the studio. I reduced her price because I used heavy acrylic to paint her and the ball joint in the neck scratched the paint down to the underpainting.

It is really hard to price an art doll for the reborn market especially during these times. My hope is that the person who adopts her is someone who appreciates the work put into a doll like this.

If you are looking to try something new and fun give these sculpts a try, They are a little challenging but worth it and sculpted beautifully, super fun to costume.

You have to use acrylic unless you have a really big over (they are 36 in) and they vinyl is firm so you need to use a wig but there are so many fun wigs out there (bonus no rooting).



I remember her!!! Just gorgeous !!! :star_struck: I would think she would get snapped up quickly!!! :blush:

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She is amazing!!

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She is absolutely beautiful !!!

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I love her so much! What size does this kit wear?

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She is spectacular and unique, Gina! I have never seen another doll like that. Wow!

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18 to 24 month depending on the brand and what article of clothing it is. She has long arms and legs and is very petite. She needs an older style clothing, she seems very 10 years old but she has a toddler sized body. The sculpting is very simple on these so when you look at the kit it doesn’t seem like it is going to be exciting but everything is in the right place and the possibilities are endless. Just starting to see finished kits go up for sale. Not sure how easy it would be to sell them but they are way to fun to paint.

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Thanks, friend! I really want to get one to create a Regan and Claudia. Clothes are my concern, though… you did awesome!

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Cherie, the Eternal Optimist and Cheerleader! My version of the hard vinyl Zelda has been listed since February, gets lots of interest, lots of compliments on FB, but no bites. I listed the prototype for MacPherson’s (another Zelda kit, but the softer, what we are-used-to-vinyl) today and we shall what happens. I love the kits, the only challenge is Who Shall This One Be, but at this rate I wonder if they will add more of but TRUE BJD kits. I LOVE … ugh, her name visited my fingertips and ran away; clues: Three names, makes incedible full sized BJDs (BIG) has won awards and is European… her work and would peel off my false eyelashes for a kit if she manufactured them. Anyone got a clue from my weak clues? Alternative Alice in Wonderland is hard vinyl (which I think I prefer) and A.A. Zelda is the typical vinyl.


Ohhhh Bonnie…i did not know you had done these beauties!! And they didnt sell?? Are you Kidding me???

Did you try Ebay??? Ebay seems to suck hind tit lately…but surely. …SURELY there is a buyer out there for these beautiful art dolls???

I love the Alice one the best I think…althought the more I look at the other one…I’m super impressed by her to…she is beautifully Biblical…:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

Im thinking Song of Solomon or Rahab​:hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Ps…if you do a listing…let me know so i can see every pic and be a cheerer-on-er​:grin::grin::grin:

Off to reborns now to see more pix!

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So unique and different; love her outfit!