Just listed Button (Anna sculpt)

Just listed this little baby to reborns.com I am wondering if its worth it to upgrade my membership? It seems like unless you have a specific sculpt, artist, or nursery in mind you are lost in a sea of babies.



Sure is a cutie but I all I know about Reborns.com is that I found it first when I was looking for a Reborn for a gift :grinning:

He looks lovely. I’m sure he will sell in time if you’re patient.
Also don’t forget Christmas is right around the corner.

I think you’re lost in a sea of babies anyway.i personally don’t see all that much difference in what you get for the difference in price. They’re all listed under Babies for Adoption. I rarely even look anywhere else except accessories.


Did you mix the color for the lips or use a premix color?I wish I could find a pretty premixed color for lips.

Genesis red with an itty bitty touch of Mars black makes a really pretty lip color.


Thanks for the tip.:slight_smile:

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Gonna try it.

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I just do a lip layer every time I bake a layer, mostly the BB lip red with a little crease color.

I love it :smiley: I’ve tried other mixes but, I always come back to this one :wink: