Just had an offer via Instagram

…for my silicone baby and Coco Blick. She’s offering a Kristin Englert Ashlynn sculpt, which she says her mother is selling on eBay.

She seems very sweet, but I’ve been a part of the doll world long enough to be pretty skeptical. I messaged the owner of the eBay listing, so I’ll know soon if that part of the story is true… I don’t really know what to expect! :confused:

I’ll keep you guys posted. I don’t want to turn down a good offer just because I’m too cynical to trust people… but I also don’t want to get scammed!

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Does her mother know she’s offering it? (I’m skeptical too)

That was one of the first questions I asked. She said that her mother approves of the trade, and when I told her I would contact the owner of the eBay listing, she said that was okay. She didn’t try to stop me or anything.

Yeah… I’m really curious to see how the eBay seller will respond to my message. I love a good mystery… but of course, this mystery is worth several thousand dollars :sweat_smile:

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For a trade involving that much money, I’d probably go and do the trade in person! LOL