Just got done with Sugar

Just thought i would like to show a few photos of Sugar not so good with taking pics


Shes one of my FAVORITE sculpts and you have made her especially sweet😍

thanks you Neenee :slight_smile:

What is is about her that jusy calls for curly hair?:smile:

she is adorable


Very Pretty,love her.

thank you all for kind words …working on putting Honey together :slight_smile:

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She is beautiful and her hair is adorable!!

Love your Sugar…!!..beautiful.

thank you :slight_smile:

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So pretty. I love that curly hair.

thank you micholc

Way better then I am for sure an baby is so cute!

O my goodness! Those curls!!! :heart_eyes:

I think this is my favorite version of Sugar. I LOVE her lips.

She is SWEET!

thank you …Cant wait to see your once when done :slight_smile:

thank you rainbow

So adorable :heart: I love her lips!!!