Just for some NCIS fun

I enjoy watching NCIS - was looking for toddlers that could be young baby Ziva and Abby

Has anyone come across someone doing these character lookalikes?

These are a couple I found but Abby would need to be more Goth and with longer hair :slight_smile:

Teagan - Abby


I haven’t seen any, but a baby Abby would be too cute!

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What a fun idea! Makes me think of @YelenaRey mother of dragons… I wonder if anyone else has done any show characters. I know there have been trumps and Harry potters… I think my daughter would get a kick out of baby Jim and Pam from the office. Baby Horatio Cain from csi Miami… baby dexter lol

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I think we are needing a bit of fun these days - so many possibilities :slight_smile:

wow wait…someone did a Trump!!! would love to see that one LOL

I don’t remember who it was, but it was someone on here. That trump baby was just too good. I remember it was holding a dollar bill.


I so wanna make a baby Dexter!!!


If you type in the search box Halloween Parade/Challenges etc. you will find some Character Dolls.


Not a reborn but I just saw that someone made an Abby Blythe doll.

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I bet that’s adorable!

@2layz I believe did the Trump baby

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Omg !!! That would be so awesome! His red hair! Please do it, i love dexter!!