Just for fun

I hadn’t sewn anything for this doll in a while so I started designing this just for fun. Still not done completely, but my idea is there lol.


Beautiful! You do such lovely work!


Yikes, think she needs a “slip”!! LOL. Beautiful work—as usual!!

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@lynn it’s still a W.I.P. Still in the “designing stage” lol

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Beautiful :heart_eyes:

It’s gorgeous! So is the doll that’s modeling it. I know you’ve told us which brand she is before, but I can’t recall the name.

Thank you. She’s an older doll. Tyler Wentworth :blush: 16"

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Gorgeous. That could be a prototype dress for the Oscars, then no slip would be needed :flushed::grin:


Right!!! :laughing:

Your sewing abilities just amaze me!!!

What a beautiful dress!!!