Just finished my memorial baby last night

My granddaughter was born sleeping at full term in 2012, I found this kit, the Sam kit and it looks identical to Isabel, so of course I had to have it. Weeks of painting, and 5 days alone on rooting the hair, she was finished yesterday. I had to share her. She doesnt have a name yet, I like Emma, but my grandson, doesn’t like it lol so I’m looking for suggestions… I’ll take all the names I get and I’m going to let him pick. He is only 6 but he’s already obsessed with her.



Annaleigh comes to mind…


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She is lovely! Phoebe could be a good name.

What names does your grandson like?

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Awe beautiful baby :heart_eyes: Sam was my first reborn and you’ve brought this sculpt to life so beautifully!!! Love her!!!

Maybe Remi, Emmy, or Demi :heartpulse:
A friend and I were talking about how much we loved these names just today :blush:

She is just adorable! How about the name Cassie.

Love the pic with your grandson holding the baby.

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Beautiful :blush:

She is absolutely beautiful and so so precious. Wonderful job. Alyssa

Aw, congrats, and she’s beautiful! A few names – Madison, Renee, Jasmine, Amy…

Wonderful job on this beautiful baby!

Beautifully done! I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. I’m sure this little bundle will bring happiness to all :slight_smile: Your grandson is super cute!!


Thanks everyone! We have agreed upon a name…ZoE Lucille… Lucille was my grandmothers name and my aunts middle name. Is it …I dunno…a weird combo? I let my grandson decide and he liked them both.

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Sweet, sweet pictures, especially the one with your grandson.

I like it. I don’t think it’s weird at all.

Beautiful baby, and handsome grandson!