Just curious about an ebay listing

I saw this beautiful toddler reborn with the bluest eyes on eBay last night. However, curiosity got me, I looked at completed listings and It looks like it was relisted three different times. First sale posted 399$ as sold, then 899$, today relisted $999. Please excuse my ignorance but is there any reason to relist at a significantly higher price than original?

Yes…Was it an auction at $399? The artist may not have gotten what they wanted out of it as an auction, thus raising the price to what they do want. Then relisting it today at $999? Maybe they added something like a hair magnet or recalculated their PayPal fees or other fees and had to adjust their price.

Ya know, it was an auction at 355$, then it said sold. It was then increased twice after. I never sold on ebay and don’t know all the tricks pf the trade. Just looking at it looked odd at first. It looks legit. Those eyes are striking though. Just curious thanks!

Yeah sure!

I’ve done auctions at lower price then if it doesn’t sale I usually relist as buy it now for a higher price. She may have had a non paying buyer, after waiting on payment to never arrive decided to relisted it as buy it now with higher price and not want to deal with an auction again. She might of increased the price again trying to entice the buyers who only look at higher priced reborns.


It may have sold and had a non paying bidder

Perhaps it was auction and then the buyer never paid… Maybe?

yes, or had a friend trying to bid it up and ended up winning it

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