Just bought Leonor

I just bought the Leonor kit by Lenka Polacek Hucinoce. She is so beautiful I couldn’t resist. D so R has her on sale for $80 and there are only 7 left since I bought mine so if anybody thinks they might want one, I’d act ASAP. . I just think she is beautiful!


She is really sweet, Helen. I love her scrunchy little face. Thanks for the heads up.

She’s cute, Helen!

This kit is also available for a 5% discount off of the $79.99 price with this link: http://refs.cc/oFofejqb

The website is: 上海大众polo图片_哪吒汽车月交付606辆-黔西南州创婷汽车制造有限公司

Kaitlyn’s prices are typically less than the other dealers and she is getting more sculptors commited all the time. Worth checking out the site if you are looking for a preorder that comes up. The 5% discount is only good the first time you make a purchase.

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Cute, Helen!! I don’t need to go look at all these kits because then I want them and I need to stop buying stuff LOL!

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Thanks Pia. She has really good pricing. Is she new?

Yes - she is new and is still getting more sculptors to allow her to be a dealer. Penelope will ship as soon as the COAs arrive from the artist. You should be able to sign up for email notifications. I ordered Anastasia from her for less than it is costing me directly from Olga Auer.

Awesome! I’ll try to sign up for emails.

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Shes gonna be a fun one to do.