Just an inquiry

Just wondering if anyone (Preferably Canadian) makes Indigenous baby clothes. I have a little Indigenous baby who has just became part of my collection and would love to have an authentic looking outfit for her. I am part Indigenous so this baby is kind of a tribute to that. Im just inquiring at the moment but if i find something i like then i will probably buy soon.

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Boozhoo (“hello” in Anishinaabemowin)
i have Indigenous ancestry too (maternal side). i dont see anything for infant regalia or traditional clothing for newborns on here, but it may be worth looking at some of the business on here to check what they have on offer. and i like to share the link for others to check out to support

Shop First Nations - Discover & Shop Indigenous Businesses

(eta: meaning of Boozhoo, an indigenous greeting)


@Katinafleming Katina was able to find and dress her babies in amazing Indigenous clothes.

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