Just an FYI

I just wanted to say one thing to everyone on this forum.
Over the last few days, people have decided that being offended by something is cause to drag it all over the forum and whine about it.

You all need to know one thing.

This forum is a free courtesy provided by BB. We can and WILL lose the forum if people don’t stop it, pull up their big girl panties and deal.
I’ve seen it happen.

I watched when we lost the original forum because people want to bring drama here and then give it a megaphone.

Stop. Just stop it.

You’re offended. Ok.
you’re not. That’s okay too.

Let it GO!!!


Let it go ! Very good advice.


Seems like that is a song title isn’t it ? I am not much into songs or movies lol so really don’t know but it seems like there was one that was heard a lot.

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Yeah! I was sure I had heard a big to do about it :smile: Thanks .

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Once again, I am pleased to have missed the drama. Ethically- in business or life in general, it is always best to deal person to person when you have an issue with someone. If you can’t work it out like big kids, or agree to disagree, then go to admin. on the forum. But please don’t try to drag others into it. No one wants to hear it, we all want this forum to continue. So- big girl (and boy) panties please!