Just a peek of my collection

I have around 8 dolls in my collection. Only 4 of those are reborns. Here are a couple reborns. I will post more here later on.

Tatiana by Reva Schick, I named her Isla Raelynn.

Chanel by Donna Rubert, I named her Aaralyn Violet.

Realborn Ever, I named her Violetta Sade (Sha-day).


So cute! I love how unique their names are, too :heartpulse:

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It’s what I strive for! For Violetta Sade, her artist painted her inspired by Russian and Nigerian. I chose her names based on that. I combed through a lot. I didn’t want the common like Katerina and things like that. The Violetta is the Russian and the Sade is the Nigerian. Also, purple is my favorite color, so it fit perfectly! My first Realborn and I think she is gorgeous!


Purple is my fav too. I also chose Ever Asleep for my Mom’s reborns. I love how dainty her fingers are!

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Violetta is so dang cute!!! I really like that kit and yours is just over the top cute!

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How cool! I love names with meaning. She’s adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes, that is my favorite hand! The open handed one.

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My Joey is in rough shape. I almost don’t want to show him. He definitely will be a practice baby for me!

They are so cute! :two_hearts: Love the unique names. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! I am hoping I make some good friends here!


Should be no problem at all! :two_hearts: Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I can’t wait to get in deep once I start painting!

I finally ordered my starter kit. I also bought one of those baby Yodas. I don’t know if I’ll paint it yet, but its here if I want to!

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My kit will be here on Tuesday! I’m so excited to get started! I will be painting Twin B as suggested as part of the beginning reborn kit.

I like your collection. You picked a good kit to start with. I am painting twin A now and it is one of those kits that look so cute even as a blank kit. You won’t be disappointed. Good luck with twin B.

I am not fond of A. The mouth is just too much for me! It doesn’t look as realistic to me. I haven’t shown all of my doll collection yet.

Yes her mouth is a bit much. Lol. She definitely takes a full paci. Can’t wait to see the rest!

What an adorable collection. :heart_eyes:

I’ve started painting, and I’ve already messed up. I messed up veining on the side of the head. I tried to use the method the video tutorial used, and it was just too big and so the “veining” is way too big to be called veining. How on earth do I fix it? I also did some stupid looking veins on the hands because I got excited. I wish I could just remove the blue and try again!

If you’re using heat set paint and you haven’t baked yet, you should be able to remove it and start again.