Just a couple of questions

I just painted Kai Legler, she is suppose to be 19 inches, I had them just send the body with the kit. The body seems a little long and she is a little bit froggy legged. I think I remember this last time. I am thinking about putting her in a 17in body, I don’t have a front loading, but I think it will be ok. Anyone try this, does she look too stumpy in a smaller body? She does have a petite head.

Second thing…I painted my Presleys awake and asleep that I found in my stash a while ago. I was going to sell them because I didn’t have 3/4 bodies but I found two and went for it. I don’t want to tell a story that isn’t true in my description. These babies were before my time (the vinyl version). They are realborns? They are discontinued? Were they a limited edition? I don’t have the COA’s, I think I bought them from someone on the forum a long time ago. I thought they were the first Realborns??? School me up.

[I have a pile of COA’s mostly BB. I didn’t really send them when I first started selling babies, I made my own BC’s so I didn’t see the need, If any one is missing any let me know. I have a pile but alas not the ones I need! If you have the Presleys let’s trade some COA’s. I don’t buy knock offs, and I won’t trade to anyone who buys knock offs, just for the record]

Hope everyone is well, happy, painting, and sales pick up for anyone struggling.



Presley Asleep was the first RealBorn and a LE of 1500. BB was not going to sell seconds, but ultimately they did. They originally came in a deluxe box with bodies and glass beads and COAs included. I think the first few RealBorns were true limited editions and had COAs that were numbered and packaged like this.

I looked and both awake and asleep were LE1500…


Thank you so much.

Pip and Poe

I don’t usually do fair babies…



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Oh my gosh!! I love them!
They are most likely 2nds which would be why you did not get COAs.
Many of the 2nds I used to get from BB looked just fine to me so you may not ntoice anything.

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They are adorable!!! :heartpulse::blue_heart:

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Yes limited edition and numbered with box. I have the original Asher awake and a sleep and a Naomi in presentation boxes with COA’s .

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