June Baby Pageant - Novice Winner!

First of all, I would like to thank all of the ladies that have entered the contest since we first started them many months ago. This month, our beautiful babies were created by the following -

Baby #1 - Rhonda Estabrook
Baby #2 - Brandy Beayon
Baby #3 - Joy Franklin
Baby #4 - Ashley of Ashtreemeadows

[size=14]I would like to congratulate Rhonda for her beautiful interpretation of BB’s Eden![/size]

Please PM me with your Nursery Name and email address so that I can work up your logo.

Pia, I already have your information and with forward your logo to you tomorrow.

Thank you, Ladies!


Great job!



Congratulations Rhonda on the darling Eden… All the novice babies were darling and I hope that someone will continue the BB pageants…


Thank you ladies…I am so pleased, but so humbled at the same time. the competition was fun, and I loved getting Eden ready. Thank you to everyone !

Congratulations. I thought I had posted on this once Sorry! I voted for your baby, I was in love the minute I saw her. I did an Eden and I like yours better, OF course I did it to the specifications the new momma wanted.

Congratulations Rhonda!

Congratulations Rhonda and to all the entrants…they were all beautifully done and you should all be proud of your efforts.

Congratulations Rhonda.